Welcome to the forum!

This is the official forum, it's very simple but still usable :)

You can share code by typing 3 backticks ` followed by a syntax highlighter such as (php, js, phql, sql, javascript, css, bash, sh) and ending again with other 3 backticks:

class Welcome 
    public static function say()
        echo "hi!";

The source code is available on Github (https://github.com/phalcon/forum), please report any problems you may have



can open a Water District category?

Water District = chat other, has little releation for phalcon

( ^_^)/ やぁ!


netsu Offtopic can be used to chat or other

Finally, we also have a forum


'''php test


One small bug: cannot see the new lines in preview mode.

It took 10 minutes to figure it out. I was trying sh '''.....''' the correct one should be sh '''php .....'''

I didn't realize that I need to add syntax highlighter (php, js, phql, sql, javascript, css, bash, sh).

(above code use ticks, please use backticks .. I do this on purpose because if I use backticks it will be rendered)

How to mention people??

// Oh, OK.
// I have to write 'php' right after backticks.

$x = 'test';
echo $x

   $n = 1

'''php .....'''

php phpinfo();