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Phalcon Developer Needed - Full Time Opportunity

Hey Phalconers,

I'm looking for a reliable and professional developer that can continue my current developers work as well as build new projects.

Do not apply if you plan on doing nothing, outsourcing to someone else to do your work, or have any sort of creativity.

The right candidate is self motivated, creative and has the ability to push beta's in a short manner of time.

Salary and bonuses are extremely lucrative. Reach out



Great jobs, I have three year experience in developing Phalcon web app and currently I'm free. If you want hire me you can take look my resurme at https://speakerdeck.com/duythien/cv

Hey Todd,

You can view my work on shad.me.

Let me know where I can send resume.

edited Jan '17

Hello i'm a developer since 1.0 and have 5 years of experience , you can view my work and contact me in www.hudsonnicoletti.com