Logging Errors from View and

The last item in the system to run my MVC is:

echo application->getContent()

My question is, sometimes I might get an "undefined variable" somewhere and I have no idea where it's coming from. So I tried error_logging(E_ALL) and still dont get it in my logs, might be a server configuration, however..

In my views I had an undefined {{ api.fb.key }} variable, yet I get no error it just shows as empty. Because the key was an array which overwrites a config object. so I cast the array to (object) ['key' => 'xyz'] -- however, the template doesn't show any error, is there a way to enable that?

What is the best way to display errors in Phalcon in development mode? I have Whoops installed, but that catches exceptions, not simple PHP undefined items or little warnings.



don't you use a debugger ? I use netbeans with xdebug for that.