Add css to a collection and output it like inline css

I am using asset manager to produce a css collection into the frontend. There are some files which I want to print it inline.

Is there any way to do something like

$this->assets ->collection($inline_name) ->addCss('css/front/_bootstrap.min.css') ->addCss('css/front/site.css') ->join(true) ->setTargetPath('css/front/final'.$inlinename.'.css') ->setTargetUri('css/front/final'.$inline_name.'.css') ->addFilter(new \Phalcon\Assets\Filters\Cssmin());

And in the front-end to get this collection as inline css. I mean that i dont want to use addInlineCss('...') in the controller.

I have no idea what y ou are trying to achive here :) but if the issue is that you don't want to add them to the controller, use partials instead and it where needed.


Regarads André

edited Jan '16

collections are printed in view using

{{ assets.outputCss(inline_name) }}

in which case you should pass $inline_name variable to the view ($this->view->setVar("inline_name", $inline_name);)

and inline css is printed with

{{ assets.outputInlineCss() }}