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Vokuro based app - cannot login

Hi guys,

A few days ago I started using vokuro as a starting point to build a small, simple app that will help me get even more familiar with Phalcon (I learn more by doing, than by reading). everything has been great so far, but I have a problem with the login step. I used vokuro's Session controller almost as is (removed registration and remember me) and added all the required tables, adding and removing fields as needed. However, I have the following issues.

  • At first, I could not login. Could not find the default password for the used in the sample schema. Does anyone know it?
  • I bypassed the above issue by disabling the check for session and sending a password reset request. But after submitting the password change form, I get a blank screen. Password field is changed, but I still cannot login

Can anyone help me identify the issue? I am not posting code at this point since I am not sure what part of the code may cause the issue. To help you, imagine that the login, ACL and session code is 99% the same as with the Vokuro example. If you need specific parts, I will post them...


First check you users in the database (be aware of typos in the sql code):

select name, mustChangePassword,banned,suspended,active from users;

if any of mustChangePassword, banned, suspended or active is 'N' for your user then you can't login.

If that is not your case, the issue most likely is th 1% code change :)

Regards André

Hi André

The user is active and not banned, suspended etc. I managed to nail down the issue to the password. Looks like the following check comes up false, even though I am 100% sure my pass is correct:

$this->security->checkHash($credentials['password'], $user->password

The credentials are passed from the session controller as an array with email and password... Is there any way to set an easy password directly in the database?


I cannot believe I did not think about the database first!!!

I had set the password field to just varchar(45), too small for most bcrypt hashed passwords!!! I increaded the filed site and re-set the password using the forgot password action. Not it works like a charm!!!

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Nice job :)

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