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Phosforum silently swallowing email replies

Hi, nice to read that your phosforum is built usin the framework.

However, when you send comment emails, you don't mention that replies don't work. We must login to the site to post comments. I only found out after visiting the thread in a browser that my comments didn't come through.

I tink it's better to be more clear about what we should expect.


How can we know what you are expecting?

Phosphorum is open source, You can implement this feature, we don't have any problems on accepting a pull request with that

You are right on that, but you didn't even consider what I said. If you want to accomodate your audience and promote your platform, it's not smart to stick your head in a hole. I can't think of any open source initiative that has such a flaky platform. How hard is it to make a mention in the email and promote the LOGIN TO COMMENT link...geez


It seems it is not hard at all, what about submit a pull request with it?

You are asking me to find and change a string somewhere in your sources? Which you would have to consider appropriate? I am not comfortable contributing to a framework written in a language I never worked with. Way more work for me than for you to do it the way you approve of if you ask me. I hope to be contributing by giving you hints and such. But without proper feedback on that I lose energy doing so. Wouldn't it be nice if we could consider the implications of what I said? What would it mean to the adoption rate of your framework if you used a proper forum that behaves like all the other ones out there, and isn't lacking the basic usability features?

And could you at least bounce those emails when you don't wish to handle them? A black hole never helped anybody...

I was talking into thin air it seems...don't even hear an echo...too bad

I created PR. https://github.com/phalcon/forum/pull/13

Maurice if will be so kind and give me hint how to create proper message to end user, please join in comment section at PR.

Hi Tomasz, all that is needed is to put a line like this:

"To reply to this message please login to Phosphorum."

With "login to Phosphorum" linking to the correct url.


And please make the email say [email protected] and make emails bounce. Otherwise emails get swallowed, and that might people think their email was acepted as comment.

Is he the new boss around here ? Or am I missing something :D

@benfavre yeah I was thinking the same thing.

If you like to do something, stop complaining and be part of the solution. We all work on the project at our own free time therefore demands like the above are not appreciated. @nexik was kind enough to create a pull request (thank you), but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

As for the :

You are asking me to find and change a string somewhere in your sources? ....

The forum software is written in PHP using Phalcon. If you know PHP you can easily change a message on the email template. Oh and the github repo is called forum and @Phalcon already showed you where you can change the code to do so. All you had to do is change it to whatever you like and open a pull request. This would have at least initiated a discussion not a nagfest that this topic has become.

If you want to help, you are welcome to do so. If you don't, don't, but don't complain about it. If you want to make the software better, contribute constructively with code or comments. Otherwise, you will easily end up talking to yourself. Just food for thought here.