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How to setup development environment for Zephir in windows 7

Hi, I'm a PHP web developer. Currently i'm working on a project where i want to use "Zephir" for some of my PHP files. But, i really struggling to build a "Zephir" development environment on my windows-7(64 bit) machine.

I went through "Zephir" Github page but, couldn't able to understand how to setup all those (Ex: json-c, re2c... etc) things. I lost 1 full day to setup 'json-c' on my system but, still now there is no luck.

Can any one, help me how to do this. Any tutorial/video will be a great help.



My advice: Use a linux/unix virtual machine (vagrant maybe?)

@Alex Yeah!!!, i've done that one. Now it's working fine. Thanks for the response.