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Startup looking for PHP/Phalcon programmers

Hello, I'm part of a startup in Canada and we are looking for a part-time PHP programmer with some experience with Phalcon. Experience with JavaScript would be a good asset. Location is not important, you can work remotely. Compensation is up to discussion but we are looking for someone that, above all, is willing to be part of a team trying to create something cool and relevant. If you are interested, leave your contact information here and I will contact you directly. Thank you!

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I have four year experience working PHP and five year working Linux. I use framework Phalcon PHP very good, also I am proficient Docker, Vagrant, Devops. To see my resume you can take look at https://speakerdeck.com/duythien/cv

I am enthusiast Open Source, so in free time I have contribute for Phalcon PHP and also I have a project open source Phanbook, you can take look at https://github.com/phanbook/phanbook

You can contact me via this email: [email protected]

I have too many years(8 years) working wiht PHP, Phalcon and other frameworks (CI,Yii2), CMS(Drupal7+8, PhalconEYE).

My Gmail: [email protected]

My mail: [email protected] Currentyl 1 year experience with phalcon and angularjs. One more with symfony.


Hello! You can contact me via [email protected] I have a 2 years experience with phancon and some more with js and php in general. Startup and remote part-time sounds good for me.


full stack web developer here with 5+ years of experience in web development. Would like to see some more information about your startup.

Email: rilog[at]mail.bg


You can contact me on [email protected] Have 1 year expirience with Phalcon (over 5 with PHP general) and a lot with JavaScript