New web site built on Phalcon


This web site is built on Phalcon 1.2.3 Our team is working hard to build an online product catalog site with REST service for mobiles connect in. That new site will replace slow Magento site. Magento is built on Zend framework and very slow. It took us 1000 -3000 ms to complete a SOAP call.

Sorry Magento, we move to Phalcon !



Do you mind if we add it in our list of projects? If you want also we can create a success story and post it in our blog. If you are interested, send me a mail at [email protected]

Hi Nikolaos,

You can add to list of projects. I can share some internal screen shots of this web site. Our team are developing more complex e-commerce site in Phalcon. Will update to you by Christmas because it is deadline of this web site.


Sounds like a plan. Thanks!