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Phalcon book

a real one... not just a PDF. Do you think this is something worth considering?

Developers, but also the framework, could benefit from publishing it. I'm sure that big names like Packt would be interested in it, since every day more devs decide to port their apps from other frameworks which have been around for a long time.

I have been thinking about this for a few months now but I cannot seem to find a lot of free time to start something.

Perhaps we can all start a collaborative effort to start something....


A book by community? I'm not sure how difficult that would be and if I've ever seen one but this may be the way to go.

We'd need a good plan, define an audience, define what we are aiming to achieve and so on.

Thanks Ivan for mentioning my book. I hope I did the framework justice.


Also looking for a book on Phalcon, I checked out the book mentioned above, but cant find any reviews yet.

Did anyone read it ? comments ?

Wanted to check authors website, but is not working...

edited Aug '14

Here are some reviews:

But I am writing a longer book on the framework which should be out around October from Packt. And my site is down currently but will have it up by this evening.


Thanks for response Stephan

Book ordered! .. look forward to reading it and if it fits what I was looking for, then look even more forward to you next more compreensive book.


Thanks for book!

I purchase today!

Looking for new version of October!


@stephan I got an error with devtools when I go to list all controllers or models. The path seem wrong.

I am testing blog example.

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