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Model validation redirect problem


I've this validation on my model:

public function validation()
    $this->validate(new PresenceOf(array(
        'field'   => 'autor',
        'message' => 'The name is required'

    if ($this->validationHasFailed() == true) {
        return false;

The user submits a form on a page with this URL:

When the validation fails, the user is redirected to this URL (notice the "id" parameter name):

How can I change this redirect? Or how can I get the value of the "id" parameter without creating a route rule for this?

Thank you.


If you don't want to add a route for this, you could expect the id on both first and second parameter in your action:

public function editAction($p1, $p2=null) {
    if ($p1 == 'id') {
        $id = $p2;
    } else {
        $id = $p1;

Or, You can add a plugin to the dispatcher that fixes the parameters:

//Create/Get an EventManager
$eventsManager = new Phalcon\Events\Manager();

//Attach a listener
$eventsManager->attach("dispatch", function($event, $dispatcher) {
    if ($event->getType() == "beforeExecuteRoute") {
        $parameters = $dispatcher->getParams();
        if (count($parameters) > 1) {
            if ($parameters[0] == 'id') {

I liked the plugin way.

But I would like to understand the reason why the validation redirects to a different URL. Shouldn't it redirect the user to the referer url?


Actually, Phalcon does not add that "id" in the URI, it exactly redirects to the uri passed to redirect:

$this->response->redirect("edit/" . $author->id);

That's odd... what can I be doing wrong to cause this issue?


Oh, silly me! Please forget this post. I've found the error on my code. Sorry to bother!

Thank you very much for your help. :)