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What is the difference between cphalcon and cphalcon/ext folders?

Dear experts,

I just want to know what is the difference between cphalcon and cphalcon/ext folders?

Should I built from main cphalcon folder or cphalcon/ext folder?

Thanks for the explanation.



The main development of Phalcon goes in the ext/ folder. All developers or those that wish to fix things or develop new NFRs enter their code there.

After that, we run a script that takes all the information from ext/ and creates a phalcon.c and phalcon.h file (which are located in the build folder). Those files are minified as much as possible to ensure that the built extension is as small as possible.

You can build Phalcon from the ext/ folder but the easiest way to do it is if you do

cd build sudo ./install

and you are done :)

@Nikolaos Thank you for explanation. Sometimes some bugs are fixed in the ext/ folder, not in build/.

Bugs are always fixed in ext. The build/ folder has the output of ext/ compressed/optimized.

If you see something like that happening, you can always pull the latest code from the branch you like and then run

php ./scripts/gen-build.php

That will generate the files in build/ and you can run the ./install from there :)

@Nikolaos Great explanations.

Thank you very much