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phalcon weebtools always redirects to index.volt


I have createt a testproject with phalcon project invo --enable webtools. But it only creates a normal porject without the webtool. Then I have used cd webtools, phalcon webtools action=enable.It creates new folders and files, but if I try to open localhost/webtools.php, I always get redirected to the index.volt. My first solution was to delete this. But only an error appears, that the IndexController wasn't found. This error is very logical, because I delete the Controller and the Volt datas. But how can I open the webtools.php in my browser? The config is right and I tried different solutions here in the board an on stackoverflow, but nothing works.

I hope you can understand me. Sorry for bad english.

Maybe it's a problem that I haven't a admin access on my computer and all files are on H:\ drive portable. Maybe the devtools isn't working correctly.

Or is the webtool deleted in the newest version of phalcon?

edited Feb '16

Try to configure volt layout folder in services:


So... put your layouts files in that folder_layouts.