Phalcon ODM Mongodb 3 support

I can't connect to MongoDb server using Phalcon php. It alwas failed to login to the server. I am using latest version of Mongodb (Version 3). I am using latest driver for Mongodb (on Windows). I am always getting Internal server error while I am trying to connect to Mongo DB

Do the apache shows any useful info?

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Finally confirmed. Phalcon PHP does not support MongoDB 3.x version

More at

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I am not sure about Phalcon2. But currently using Phalcon 1.3.4 with Mongo 3.2.4 without any problems. In next week will upgrade to 2.x.

UPD: But looks like on my system legacy mongo extesion. WIll check and update.

UPD2: Yes Phalcon uses legacy driver within they code. And with this driver my app works fine with Mongo 3.2.4.


Please chek again. MongoDB 3 is using different type of authentication than 2.x. Even old windows clients does not work with Version 3.x

I am using hosted version on MongoDB ( The DB version is 3.0.7. Earlier when they are using 2.x version, it was working without any problem.

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Checked again. Before i was used it without auth because i used it on localhost.

My env:

  1. Ubuntu 14.04
  2. PHP 5.6
  3. Mongo 3.2.4
  4. Phalcon 1.3.4

Now setuped with authentication. New driver Connection successfull, but got error from Phalcon\Mvc\Collection, because it use interface from another driver.

new \MongoDB\Client("mongodb://superuser:[email protected]:27017");

Old driver Evertything works fine. Had problem with authentication, with driver version 1.4, after update to 1.6 everything works fine "pecl upgrade mongo".

new \MongoClient("mongodb://superuser:[email protected]:27017");


Also here is list of driver compatability - . And mongo-1.6 compatible with 3.0, but i used it with 3.2 without problems, may be some features does not work, but then i dont't use them .