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What do you think we should do with the Phalcon Stubs

Hello all.

The Phalcon Team has always followed the practice of keeping all the stubs in the master branch, available for every release, new or old. This strategy allowed every developer to choose the stubs for the version they are working on and also offered an easy way of switching through stubs depending on the phalcon version of each project.

We have received numerous emails, requests, had long discussions with members of the community and there is also a PR in Github (a year old) to change the way the stubs are handled.

So to put this issue to rest, we decided to hold a poll (here) and let the community decide.

Thank you for your vote!

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Please vote so that we can close the PR. It has been sitting there all alone for over a year :D


Rigged ;) ! I voted for "The stubs must be separated according to releases" but sadly it wasn't counted.

Poll is not working, I also chose "The stubs must be separated according to releases" but it is showing "Leave it as is (keep all the stubs for each version) " as 100%.

Poll is not working, i voted C, but A is 100% :-) !

Some issue with cache which be fixed soon. Don't worry guys. Your votes are accepted

Well, some way to generate annotation stubs(or just make seperated repo for them) for using with PHP Annotations plugin(for php storm), would be nice.

The votes should be visible now guys.

Voted C, not working. (Assuming this is rigged)

edited Mar '16

Voted C, not working. (Assuming this is rigged)

Now it work

I voted "We need a new repository for the stubs"

But also we could apply this: "The stubs must be separated according to releases"

Each release relies on a stubs version, both the devtool released versions must have the same version.

As noted by the high percentage of users who believe source control should be used properly and store tags/releases via this poll and the original pull request ... they should be separated by release (Option C).

However, having a separate repository (Listed as D) should not necessarilly be listed as a separate choice as it's more of an implementation decision. Ideally, stubs could exist tagged in current devtools or even better in a new repository. Having stubs isolated and small is typical in other projects.

Pleaes leave as is. I run tons of phalcon projects for my company and some are lagging in version.

I don't care to include the stubs with composer in every single project, that is a complete waste of autoloading.

When I started using Phalcon I got quite confused where I can find the stubs and which one should I use.

I'd say both (A and C) has its disadvantages, but distributing a single stub version would be the clean way to go in the long run