Mongodb PHP Extension

Hi, I would like to know when the new mongodb php extension is supported in Phalcon? I want my project to be future proof, so I want to use the new extension

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Extension is built in PHP itself?

The question is, does your stack support it?

The currently maintained driver is the mongodb extension available from PECL. This driver can be used stand-alone, although it is very bare-bones. You should consider using the driver with the complimentary PHP library, which implements a more full-featured API on top of the bare-bones driver.

For further information on the architecture, please refer to this blog post.

There is also an older legacy driver called mongo. New projects should use the mongodb extension with the PHP library. The links below point to the documentation for the new mongodb extension.

Does Phalcon support the new driver : ? i If yes how should we integrate it , is there any document regarding the matter? If not when will it be available coz the current pecl/mongo extension is deprecated but we have to still use it on our projects. P.S : All of our project is based on Phalcon + MongoDB

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Phalcon does not interfere with the low level driver stuff - MongoDB extension handles that task. It's just a matter of using set of methods / classes built on top of the driver.

So in short, if you manage to get new extension working on your application server, Phalcon will be happy to use that.