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Model relations: alias doesn't work, getRelated() does

I've got a class I'm initializing from my Controller:


namespace Model;

class Contact extends Person{

    public function getSource(){
        return 'person';

    public function initialize(){

    public function isAssociated(){
            return TRUE;
        return FALSE;

From my controller (and view), I get a WTF error

$Contact = Person::findFirstAsType($username);
echo $Contact->Additional->position; // This generates an error
echo $Contact->getRelated('Additional')->position; // This works just fine

Any ideas as to why the alias fails, but getRelated() works?


What happens if you will change Additional to lower case ?

edited Apr '16

All of the following should work.

echo $Contact->additional->position;
echo $Contact->getAdditional()->position; 
echo $Contact->getRelated('Additional')->position;

I usually use the middle option.

Me too, but with adding this method to model. So ide got it.

What happens if you will change Additional to lower case ?

That did it, but I'm at a loss as to why - I've used uppercase aliases in the past with no problems. Thanks for the answer nonetheless.

I guess beacause there were some update.