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Use Sphinxsearch

Hi there!

For my project I need full-text search and it should produce low overhead, because it must run on a notebook (of the professor). So I decided to use Sphinx - considered also Elasticsearch, but that seems to be an overkill. Sphinx has two options that seems to be usable for the project: SphinxQL and a PHP-API. Last one is not really recommened by the developers, so SphinxQL is the right way.

  • Now I wanna ask, if someone has a solution to use SphinxQL with the lovely Phalcon?
  • Secondly, has someone already wrote an adapter/model abstraction for the connection?

Thanks a lot (again and again) Aljoscha


You can use https://github.com/FoolCode/SphinxQL-Query-Builder It will reduce you code by 50% or more, authors covered all sphinx features. Some functions are missing from documentation but you can see PHPUnit tests as documentation https://github.com/FoolCode/SphinxQL-Query-Builder/tree/master/tests/SphinxQL


Thanks a lot! I will have a very close look to it! ;)

Have a great day