Generate Controller in root directory

Hello! I'm use DevTools 1.2.4 and Phalcon latest version! I'm get this error:

[email protected]:/var/www/domains/tarrif# phalcon project --name Tarrif --directory=./ --type=modules --use-config-ini

Phalcon DevTools (1.2.4)

PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: controllerPath in /var/www/vendor/phalcon/devtools/scripts/Phalcon/Builder/Controller.php on line 100

  Success: Controller "index" was successfully created.  

  Success: Project 'Tarrif' was successfully created.  

[email protected]:/var/www/domains/tarrif#

IndexController.php was generated in root dir /var/www/domains/tarrif :(


Could you try with the latest devtools?