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Phalcon 2.1.0

What is the status of Phalcon 2.1.0?

In the Blog is was posted on 3/22/2016 "Phalcon 2.1 introduces a great number of improvements, striving to make Phalcon even a better framework. Final version will be available in two weeks"

I really love Phalcon but on my last project I decided to go with Laravel becuase Phalcon seems to be losing support. I would like to see more updates on the progess of this framework and some excitment and interest from more of the community.

I personally never got involded with a open source project before and that has stoped me from doing anything myself. But I think Phalcon is the way to go, and hope it does not die out.

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There is RC version. Final version will be realased when it will be working in 100% on PHP 7. Right now we are waiting for zephir devs for fixing bugs in zephir beacause any of bugs in phalcon(with php7) right now(mostly seg faults) are zephir related. When they will be fixed and all tests will be passing then phalcon 2.1.0 will be released i guess.

Phalcon is not losing support. I think it's gaining it. It's still supported, more contributors etc.

Phalcon surely will not die. You can see repo that there commits/prs every day.

There are some blocking bugs in 2.1.0 that what we couldn't address on time, mostly php7 segfaults and memory leaks. As Phalcon 2.1.0 will be LTS we can't release it having those bugs, if you plan to use 2.1.0 on PHP <= 5.6, the current RC is the final version you are waiting for.

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I hope as soon as you fix some zephir issues you will mention me in issues that they are fixed so i would make https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/issues/11550 going on further @andresgutierrez.

I'm so thankful for you quick respond, and I'm so glad to hear that Phalcon Php framework is still going strong. Currently I'm starting a project on my mac with php56 and Phalcon php 2.0.10 ... I had trouble getting version 2.1 working with php7 on my Mac and for the initial development I do not think that will be an issue even if there are a few fixes I need to do when the time comes that I can Upgrade to both php 7 and Phalcon 2.1.

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I studied phalcon, while waiting for the official version 2.1, I studied Laravel, and then I chose phalcon. Because it's fast and easy to control it, although not as diverse as laravel phalcon.

This is my project cms using Phalcon 2.1 RC runs on Linux

Multi module, multi language (file and database), Multi theme, Dynamic Route in database. You can test module: Giới Thiệu in my project at:

Front end: https://taowebtructuyen.com/test Back end: https://taowebtructuyen.com/test/admin u: thanhansoft p: 123123

I was in Vietnam, I will promote its development in my country

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P.S. just look at ionCube loader. They're struggling to release PHP7 supported loader for a long time, and have already spent $50K in development. Release date is still unclear.


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If that would be so simple, they would provide proprietary .so binary long time ago and tell people to re-encode their projects again for specific target / architecture.
Currently, it's very tough if you need to install proprietary / protected PHP module and you need to downgrade to PHP5.x just because ionCube loader isn't ready yet. Let's just not let that happen to Phalcon too! It's been 6+ months since PHP7 has been released.

Yes, but many people won't stick/wait for official distro in order to run new env... but certainlly Ubuntu LTS bundled with PHP7 will increase popularity by 200% :)