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How big social network saved one million dollars switching to PHP7

We did it! Hundreds of our application servers are now running on PHP7 and doing just fine. By all accounts, ours is only the second project of this scale (after Etsy) to switch to PHP7. During the process of switching over we found a couple bugs in the PHP7 bytecode cache system, but thankfully it’s all fixed now. Now we’re excited to share our good news with the whole PHP community: PHP7 is completely ready for production, stable, significantly reduces memory consumption, and improves performance dramatically.

In this article, we’ll discuss the process of switching over to PHP7 in detail, explaining what difficulties we encountered, how we dealt with them, and what the final results were. But first let’s step back a bit and look at some of the broader issues...


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Well, not sure what framework they are using but they could save another milion if changed to phalcon :D

Of course if we get phalcon working on php7 but we are getting closer and closer.

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No FW - everything is custom :) Just like Etsy. They're also now powered by PHP7 running on custom app. There's a saying that frameworks are mainly targeted towards medicore programmers and projects. Big (enterprise) systems require custom development. I would agree to that, untill I stambled upon on Phalcon :) Phalcon actually gives you freedom, while other standard frameworks do not. With speed, Phalcon is a perfect candidate and companion for PHP7 and big projects! :)