php5.6 + phalcon 2.0.8 VS php7.05 + phalcon 2.1 of view load speed;

code is same.

the php5.6+phalcon 2.0.8 view load speed is 143ms;

the php7+phalcon 2.1 view load speed is 1.08s.

Are you sure it's phalcon 2.1 issue ? As you can see even requests to static files are few times slower. Are your webserver is the same as well as php handler ? Also is everything working, code executed, view generated etc ? Because i see othersize, so maybe you just have some segfault. As i know there are still a few problems with php7 and phalcon 2.1, even on latest version.


my guess is that there are some memory leaks that sohuld be resolved "shortly".

Well it shouldn't cause performance problems if he has enough memory.

Would be interesting if you include PHP 5.6 + Phalcon 2.1.0 as well

You have a sample size of one for each of these tests. It would be significantly more scientific if you used a benchmarking utility such as siege or ab