full define routing is not working

when I define route

$router->add("/signup", array( 'controller' => 'User', 'action' => 'signup', ));

it show me blank page, but after I change to shorthand version, it working fine! so what is the problem?

$router->add('/signup', 'User::signup');


Pls, show the controller code.

I never see similar problem so i think problem in your code - controller name or action name

It shouldn't be problem with controller/action name since he can get it working by using short syntax. It seems that just an array syntax is causing problem. Somwang Souksavatd, which version of Phalcon are you running? PHP version? Is it WinOS or GNU/Linux?

Hi stamster,

my server run fedora 23 with PHP 5.6 and Phalcon 2.0.11

That's odd. Could you provide your services definition? Especially the Router component.