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Vagrant configuration for Phalcon 2.1.x, Zephir 0.9.x, PHP7 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)

Hey fellas,

I have prepared Vagrant configuration focused for Phalcon 2.x development. This configuration builds Zephir and Phalcon 2.1.x extension, plus installs some usefull tools. Here is a list of what it contains from:

  1. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
  2. nginx (mainline version)
  3. mysql 5.7.x
  4. Phalcon PHP 2.1.x
  5. Phalcon Dev Tools 2.0.x
  6. Zephir 0.9.x
  7. php-fpm 7.0.x
  8. memcached
  9. PHP memcache extension
  10. PHP xdebug extension
  11. PHP imagick extension
  12. PHPUnit 5.3.x
  13. ack-grep
  14. git
  15. subversion
  16. ngrep
  17. dos2unix
  18. Composer
  19. phpMemcachedAdmin
  20. phpMyAdmin (multi-language)
  21. Opcache Status
  22. Webgrind
  23. NodeJs
  24. grunt-cli
  25. Mailcatcher

You can check it out here: https://github.com/eugene-manuilov/phalcon-vm. All feedbacks and help are very welcome! Let's make it even better together.

Nice men, i would add to this phpbrew and ability to switch between php 7 and php 5.6(beacause phalcon 2.1.x don't works fully on php7)

Thanks Wojciech, I'll take a look at it.

I updated vagrant configuration to use Phalcon 3.x.