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Sending email from Phalcon

Hello ppl,

Im traying to make sending emails from my contact form. I found this /Phalcon/Mailer, but sending dosent work for some reason. Do I have to make any other configurations in php.ini or somewhere else to make this working? (Im try this PHP Mail and Sendmail config). Do I need SMTP server?


print the object ( var_dump ) there should an error inside. Or check spam folder ;-)


print the object ( var_dump ) there should an error inside. Or check spam folder ;-)

I dont see any errors in var dump, Config file is loaded well, also all my data is in message. Sending dosent work. Do I need some mail server or ?

  • Which backend are you trying to use it with (smtp/sendmail/phpmail)?
  • Is the mail server remote or sent by the actual host?
  • Is it ssl/tls/plain?
  • Can you send mail outside php?

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  • It is very likely that your dynamic IP is on many SPAM black lists
  • If you have a static IP, check SPAM black lists and try to get yourself out of it
  • if you have a real server with a public IP assigned from ISP, you should ask them to solve black list issues for you
  • in any case, you need your system-wide MTA to be set correctly and working (you can use exim4 for this purpose in Internet mode)
  • test your mail from shell command line: mail -s PhalconTest [email protected] and wait at least 10 minutes for delivery, and still check in Spam folder first
  • test your mail using plain PHP functions


Thanks every1 on replay. I dont have local mail server instaled and thats reason I could not send mails. I have tested scripts with Google SMTP and it works.