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Hello everybody,

I would like to make a very generic INSERT request :

//Player registration
    foreach($_POST as $name => $input ){
            $fields.="`$name` ,";
            $values.="'$input' ,";

        "INSERT INTO `$table` ( $fields ) VALUES ( $values ) "

But my I got a scanning error, event if the request that it generated is well formed (and works, if I copy paste it in phpmyadmin)

I've tried the raw sql way :

$rawSQL="INSERT INTO `$table` ( $fields ) VALUES ( $values ) ";
    $player=new Player();
    $request=new Resultset(null,$player,$player->getReadConnection()->query($rawSQL));

Which is even more strange : I got an SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error, but the record works, all fields are well stored in my db ! (But it interrupts my script..)

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks a lot !

edited Jun '16

Why in the world would you ever do that with a string?!



PDO accepts an array for fields and data which corresponds to it. IMHO, this is best approach if you really want to avoid PHQL / ORM style:

public boolean insertAsDict (string $table, array $data, [array $dataTypes]) inherited from Phalcon\Db\Adapter

Inserts data into a table using custom RBDM SQL syntax

 //Inserting a new robot
 $success = $connection->insertAsDict(
      "name" => "Astro Boy",
      "year" => 1952

 //Next SQL sentence is sent to the database system
 INSERT INTO `robots` (`name`, `year`) VALUES ("Astro boy", 1952);



I'm not avoiding phql on purpose, I'm actually using it for an UPDATE on the same controller action. But I was unable to do the INSERT with modelsManager (maybe because I had no model file for the table I was trying to append to ?)

Anyway, using PDO solved my problem, thanks !