APCu over APC

Is there a way to use APCu over APC, without installing a 3rd party lib

-> this goes directly to APC https://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/api/Phalcon_Cache_Backend_Apc.html

What you mean ? If you are using APCu on php 5.x it should work with apc_* methods too. If you mean php 7 then you need to install apcu_bc

Cache not work with:

sudo apt-get install php-apcu

work with: APCu Backwards Compatibility Module

sudo pecl install apcu_bc

You have two options:

  1. Create your own adapter With APCU.
  2. You install apcu_bc

Main problem with APCu is that it will store cache in the PHP shared memory, which means that you need to have a lot of dedicated RAM to the PHP processes to store data.