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INVO Page not found when creating new controllers

Fresh unaltered installation of INVO works as it should. However, i always get Page not found when i try to create my own controllers and views. Even if i rename existing and working controllers (such as About) they also become "Not found".

1) I create the file: TestController

2) I rename the class: class TestController extends ControllerBase

3)I create a folder and view in views: views/test/index.volt

This works on my other projects, so what am i doing wrong here??


probably wrong apache/nginx config. Make sure .htacess is allwoed and working.


on SecurityPlugin.php

    //Public area resources
        $publicResources = array(
            'index'      => array('index'),
            'tes'      => array('index')

or / and try Clear your browser cache, or try another browser if u dont want to clear it :D

Sorry for late reply. It worked after i cleared browser cache. Thanks :)