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How to display more than 40 columns data using PHQL?

Hi There,

I have 11432 records with 59 columns. When i use PHQL to display all data with 41 column it will return nothing.not even error. but when i use all data with 40 columns, it will return as expected. Why PHQL is not returning more than 40 columns data?

public function getManyByPHQL($table_name,$column_arr = []){

$column_name = "*"; if(count($column_arr) >0){ $column_name = implode(",", $column_arr); }

$qry = "SELECT $column_name FROM ".$table_name; $query = new Query($qry, $this->getDI());

$records = $query->execute(); return $records; }

// Now i call above function as below

$column = ['publication_id','publication','publication_code','pub_key_0','pubcompany_id','abc_approved','agency_commision','category_id','category_code','circulation','circulation_date','city_id','city_code','close_date','currency_id','currency_code','davp_allowed','discount_allowed','form_type','frequency_id','frequency_code','frequency_weekdays','frequency_date','frequency_description','ins_approved','language_id','language_code','launch_date','leadtime_bw','leadtime_color','stitch_id','stitch_code','concessionaire_id','concessionaire_code','marketting_executive','marketing_office_address','marketing_advt_person','marketing_ceo_gm','marketing_editor_person','marketing_email','marketing_telephone','marketing_fax','marketing_url','parent_publication_id','parent_publication_code','publication_level','publication_status','publication_type','surcharge_basis','publication_edition_count','main_genre'];

$table_name = "publications";

$records_base_model = $this->getManyByPHQL($table_name, $column);

if (count($records_base_model) > 0) { foreach ($records_base_model as $record) { $data['result_set'][] = $record->toArray(); }

print_r($data); }

It will display nothing. if i use only 40 column than it will display all the records. Why this happens?

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First of all, when you post source code try putting it in code blocks, so we can actually read what you're trying to do.

$some = 'source code';

Phalcon does not impose any limit on column count, your error will be in your custom ```getManyByPHQL```function

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Hi There,

There is no error in custom function. I already mentioned that it will return all data with 40 column but not more than 40 columns.

I fond solution. which is when i use toArray(). It does not convert special it will not generate error and breaks the loop. may be UTF-8 charactor set issue.