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API versioning problem

I have multi-module phalcon app (api, admin and others) Now I want to add versioning to API module. Here my FS structure

---v1 files
---v2 files

I got a problem with $loader->registerNamespaces and $router->addModuleResource (Annotation routing) Namespaces should be registered before adding a route, but when I trying to addModuleResource inside Dispatcher - they are not applying.

Is there a place where I can get router->getRewriteUri() and then add routes based on url which contain api version?

And again: I want to register namespaces and add routes after I know api version from URI


When you installed the phalcon in your system? What are the infos about your system, server, phalcon version, etc?

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Phalcon 2.1.0b, PHP 5.6, Ubuntu 14.04

I decided to do it before module loading using $_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]

i have some problems with phalcon last stable version, if you suppose this is the problem try install phalcon/legacy and try again. I solved my problem with sessions wich don't work in phalcon 2.x

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:phalcon/legacy
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install php5-phalcon


Hey Dima, I've also had your questions few weeks ago and i ended with the following structure:

-- frontend
---- ....

-- backend
---- ....

-- api
---- v1
------ controllers/
------ Module.php
---- v2
------ controllers/
------ Module.php

My URL structure is like:


And I capture the ApiVersion in the bootstrap file with url parsing. And in the Module.php file you can set version specific routes, services e.t.c.

$modules['api'] = [
    'className' => 'Api\Module',
    'path' => __DIR__ .'/api/'. $this->app->config->apiVersion .'/Module.php'
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Thank you for an idea! Your solution is pretty good. My code has turned a little bit messy with a dynamic includes, but I needed to handle my API calls within 1 single module. Anyway thank you for a tip!