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Phalcon should it be part of "PHP Framework Interop Group"?

Is Phalcon team thinks to be part of the group http://www.php-fig.org/ , like the most popular and industrial php frameworks at this moment are ?

Personally I think that all php frameworks that claim to become a reference in the web industry must belong and follow the specifications of the "PHP Framework Interop Group" ; it is, somehow, the W3C standard of the PHP development.



I think the decision of join the group is not just ours, we need an existing voting member to sponsor us in order to join the group.

@Phalcon, please clarify on voting members: who are they? PHP-FIG guys or people behind the framework?


One of the current PHP-FIG guys must sponsor one of us in order to be a voting member there.


Requesting Membership
You do not need to be a voting member to participate in discussion on the mailing list or in the IRC channel.

To become a voting member, you must send an email to the mailing list.

The subject line should read: Membership Request: {$your_name} ({$project_name})

The body should include your name, the name of (and link to) the project you represent, and other details you feel are relevant.

Current members will vote on your request.

Do not combine separate membership requests in a single thread; one request per thread, please.

Hey @Phalcon, it looks a bit childish to me, cause they simply take into account word from the existing member and don't do the actual review. Should be easy as a pie. With PHP-FIG attracting more attention it can help framework's popularity to grow. On the other hand you should delegate someone to participate in their votes and discussions. Should be interesting... :)

Are you going to ask for a sponsor on their Google Group, maybe?