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Stackoverflow jobs Phalcon trends

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i am sorry but i dont get it :D

or you are offering it ?

Im guessing he is sad that there is only ONE phalcon job, for me it's nothing weird. This is not a framwork with you can find a job to be honest.


https://stackoverflow.com/jobs?searchTerm=%5Blaravel%5D has 8 or so .. i mean its nto that much and everybody is using laravel :D

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@Jurigag was right, I was quite supprised when I clicked on Phalcon tag on SO.

No one can be sure whenever jobs posted on SO can be used as a reference.... but still, I think demand is in a decline for a Phalcon at this point. And I'm pretty much sure PHP7 support has nothing to do with it.

But what's a problem ? How you want to change it ? It's not something can be done like now or anytime. If none of big companies don't wanna use it then it's not our problem. We can only advertise it better etc - but for that you need money and time - we don't have both. Im still waiting like a few months from any answer from g2a head of it about phalcon but he didn't answer anything.

The thing is, with our clients if you suggest them Phalcon, they will instantly Google it. The results like this is scary for them, so they will just propose something 'more trendy' (i.e. Laravel or even Symfony xD).

But let's not go into deep discussion again...

I offered a client on upwork to implement the project in Phalcon, after describing it shortly for him, he got quite enthusiastic about it. (unfortunately he chose a cheaper offer xD)

@stamster there are companies from time to time who search for Phalcon devs. However as you mentioned Phalcon isnt overrated and popular as Laravel and other popular peee out there... this will change i strongly bealive so!

Anyway about an year ago i had to change my job and as a CTO (silly titles) in the new company i chose Phalcon... ever since then i havent seen a client complain about his < 500 ms homepage loading time on a cheap shared hosting :P

For freelance projects from time to time i stumble accross clients who have crap hosting and are not allowed to have Phalcon.. for this situtation i have to use another framework which happens to be the good old Codeigniter :) I really hope cPanel will add Phalcon to their modules list, which will popularize the framework even more.

there are any benchmarks with phalcon 2.1 on php7 vs other frameworks on php 7? I'm really curious if there is any performance gap between phalcon and rest of frameworks using php7. I think that the difference is not big enough to matter anymore (probably others wonder and think the same).

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Of course the difference is still big. Phalcon is still working on c, any other frameworks not. Php7 don't have JIT so rest of frameworks will work only 10-50% faster i think than on php 5.6. Phalcon will work only slightly faster, mostly your code in php, not phalcon itself.

Just check all php benchmarks, those which are don on php 5.6 the symfony/laravel etc will have perf gain like 30-50% but phalcon will still be the same, so like 2000 reqs vs 100-200

Just check those - https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/#section=data-r12&hw=peak&test=db&l=sg on php 7 the response times of symfony will be something like 30-50% smaller, but still phalcon will be like few times faster.