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Hosting company with Phalcon - Shared Host

Hi everyone,

I'm writing this post hoping it can be useful for someone else.

I found NameCheap Shared Hosting using Phalcon 2 and apparently they don't even know it. You don't have the SSH access out of the box, but you can ask for it, they had answered me very quickly.


Price wise, severs in the US are very cheap.. So as Dev/Staging environment I think they are a great solution. cPanel for managing the web server.

Any help/enquery, just ask

Only if 20$/year could be for all time, but for first year it's pretty nice. But later 80$ per year is pretty much. You can get cheapest vps from digitalocean for 5$


I'm using it as a Dev env.. The US shared host cost 7£ the first year..

You can always stop it and recreate it if you are usiging it as a dev env. At least this is my plan.

Oh right there is this cheapear packet, i just chcked this most popular, my mistake.


No problem at all ;)

We're using WebHostFace.com and they are running 2.0.1. Their customer support is fantastic and their Cpanel has more quick install apps than any competitor I've seen.

We just started with them a few weeks ago, but so far love it.

Well too bad it's 2.0.1 when we already have 2.0.13 and 2.1.0 is incoming.

Update: They upgraded us to the latest version at no extra cost just by request.

I wanted to use Phalcon on my DO server which is hosted through Cloudways, but this platform doesn't provide root access. Is there any other way to install Phalcon if you don't have root access.