How to get current router name?


I'm trying to get the current router name in my view I defined before like this:

         '/session/start', array(
               'module' => 'frontend',
              'namespace' => 'Frontend\Controllers',
              'controller' => 'session',
              'action' => 'start'

So, I need "session-start" when I am at "/session/start". I found this but it doesn't work:



this works for me ( i use \Phalcon\Mvc\Router\Group tho dont know if it mastters ).

just out of curiosity, why cant you start it in the begging of the sessionAction() in Frontend\Controllers\sessionController.php ? and more important why dont you start it in index.php ? :D

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@Izo can you tell me exactly what you do? I will explain it afterwards :) "session-start" was just an example.

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in this file : Frontend\Controllers\sessionController.php you have function sessionAction, in its first line why dont you put session_start() there

or you dont wanna do that .. :D


ok, where do you dump this \Phalcon\DI::getDefault()->get('router')->getMatchedRoute()->getName() ?


I need it inside a javascript value. To be specific inside a partial view.


hmm it should be working. this is working for me

$this->add('/:controller/:action/:params', [
                'controller' => 1,
                'action' => 2,
                'params' => 3

if you try it on top of your main view file, because it makes sence there to be matched route in order this to show you something, perhaps you dont have a matched route ?



in your controller action

        $currentController = $this->dispatcher->getControllerName();
        $currentAction = $this->dispatcher->getActionName();
        $this->view->ctrl = $currentController;
        //or json rep.

then assign values to view and in your html file (if it's at page load), or do your json rep.

     var controller = '{{ ctrl }}';  //volt syntax