I did read the other five 404 Error page discussions. I do know how to setup a basic 404 handling. But I wanted to have a general html status code handler. which is quite easy to achieve with the forward method from the dispatcher object. The only problem is to also use it within the exception handler like this:

class MyPlugin extends Plugin{
    public function beforeException(Event $event, Dispatcher $dispatcher,Exception $exception){
        if($exception->getCode() == Dispatcher::EXCEPTION_HANDLER_NOT_FOUND || $exception->getCode() == Dispatcher::EXCEPTION_ACTION_NOT_FOUND){
                "controller" => "error",
                "action" => "raise"
                "params" => array(404)
            return false;
        return true;

This will cause to parse the view but without entering the controller. if I return true instead of false the exception will stop the whole execution.

Can I somehow manually dispatch the controller action of my ErrorController?