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Installation on pure Ubuntu 16.04

Hello! I've ran into a problem with installation!

I have hetzner VPS 1Core 1GB So I've installed PHP7.0-FPM, Mysql5.7, nginx They are working.

Then I tryed to install Phalcon using https://phalcon.io/ru/download (Tab Ubuntu) So, it has installed, never threw any errors (said, that have installed 3.0.0 version) I have restarted nginx service (systemctl restart nginx), php7.0-fpm.

And have errors like \Phalcon\Config classs not found.

So. i've decided, that this method does not work. And tryed to compile like it said https://phalcon.io/ru/download there. After sudo ./install there was about 6 hours of compiling - is it normal? I've aborted this process, because, I think it have to be less time spending.

Maybe, someone can share the process of nginx, php7.0-fpm, mysql, phalcon installation? I suppose, there are many juniors, who want to use Phalcon, but run away after 6 hours compiling :)




way after 6 hours compiling :)

I think it is unusual, my server Centos 7 RAM 512M the time compile wich zephir is 20 minute

zephir build —backend=ZendEngine3

Your VPS is very overloaded, that must be the root cause of 6 hours compiling. CPU just doesn't get cycles needed to complete the task. I think even on 15 years old CPU it would compile in less than 20 min. For instance, on my Raspberry Pi it compiles in 10 minutes.