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Common layouts for modular app

Hello, {{ phalcon_user }}! I write modular app and want common path (Volt layouts) for all modules. php $view->setLayoutsDir(PATH_APP . '/common/layouts/'); // don't solved problem php {% extends "../../../common/layouts/base.volt" %} // so ugly php {% extends common_layouts ~ "base.volt" %} // return error "Syntax error, unexpected token IDENTIFIER(common_layouts)..." P.S.: not forgotten about: php $view->setVar('common_layouts', PATH_APP . '/common/layouts/'); Do u have solution?

Di you find a solution, I also ran into this problem...I can't get this work..I am trying to extends my main.volt layout (outside my module) from my index.volt view...

Sorry, Mariano! I'm not find solution and use ugly way. Look at here https://github.com/ovr/phalcon-module-skeleton.

Ok thanks, they should have more documentation about how modular works...I will try your link