Request::getJsonRawBody() as array, not as object

Is there any way to get complete JSON object as array, sorry if this has already been

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Perhaps this thread can help?

Also docs here:

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Why don't you simply cast it as an array, i.e. (array) $yourJsonObject? Sure, it might be multi dimensional, so in that case you'll need to do:

/ First we convert an object to a json string, then we convert the json string to an array
$jsonArray = json_decode(json_encode($yourJsonObject), 0xff);

EDIT: actually getJsonRawBody() method does support 'associative' parameter as pointed in a link provided here by @nikolay-mihaylov

Still, I believe it's good to know when you don't have other option, json_**code native PHP does the job in both directions.

if i put TRUE inside inside Request::getJsonRawBody(true) I'll get a array as assoc