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Phalcon for a big project

Hi everyone...I am about to start a project and I would like to hear about your advise, Basic requirements:

  1. SQL Server
  2. Sendgrid email integration
  3. Real time features maybe with elephant.io or directly with socket.io (like laravel does..)

I want to use a framework with a lot of widgets or plugins like Yii has, but I am very attracted to Phalcon performance...

Also I want to know if there are some videotrainning in new version of Phalcon or if the knowledge from Phalcon 1 is still usefull ?...Would you shared with me usefull resources like github repos for widgets/plugins, etc.


As far as i know mssql support is not officially supported by phalcon 3. We don't recommend ot use it, stick to mysql/mariadb/postgresql :)

Yes - knowledge from phalcon 1 i still usefull, there wasn't so many changes.

About the rest of things i think they are possible to implement if you have enough knowledge like real time features or sendgrid. There are cli things in phalcon - so there shouldn't be a problem with real time things implementation.

Great my friend....I think you are rigth...that is enough for me to start my project with phalcon...thanks.


don't worry about performance. in my project i used phalcon with 20k concurrent active user per day with low resource usage. focus on your knowledge to implement and if you have any critical problem how fast to fix it.

If you really want/need MSSQL bloatware, you can go for it with a native dblib support/driver from PHP. But, then you can't use models or built-in adapters, but only regular PDO from PHP. Everything else could be from Phalcon world...