Protecting my custom made eshop in phalcon PHP extension

is it possible and legal to change the C code in the source code of Phalcon extension and compile it then by myself for only 1 of my servers, so, it cannot run on some other server?

These changes could involve adding some pre- or suffix to the functions or change their names (maybe not all, just a few, or other mechanisms taht only I will be aware of and if somebody would like to rewrite the application it would be a long process, becasue I would make many changes not just change the function names etc.)

I would like to create a protection so, if somebody copy the files from the FTP, where he has the access, it would be useless because he would need to use the extension and also need to compile it for his server, because I would make sure it could be run only on the one and only server (there are some mechanisms how to do that).

So, my question is is this legal or not.

If you know of some other way how to do that let me know, but personally I think that compiled frameworks are the way to protect your custom made solutions, so if somebody has the code from ftp and your db, it's worth nothing because they need the framework itself which is compiled to run only on that one server and nowhere else.


maybe look into how you would a extension like phalcon and load that along phalcon, i would advise against changing the source because you will have to repeat those changes everytime you update the code for security vulnerabilities, bugs and features. Plus if you are still using FTP then your doing it all wrong, I would suggest using ssh and perhaps some other form of solution for your project altogether if you're trying to make any real business. Checkout too while your at it