Volunteer to translate Documentation into Chinese

Hi All,

I just graduate this year and use PHP serveral years, Phalcon framework really surprise me even though I have used some Open PHP framework before.

By now, I haven't read the original code since Phalcon explored by C as PHP extension. However, I have read the document and the examples. It is so amazing! I think Phalcon not only provide us an totally new framework in an new aspect, but also tell us how to explore applications, how to create the framework, even how to develop software!

Anyway, I love Phalcon so much! To let more people konw about more about Phalcon, PHP, and software, especailly in China, I want to translate the document(http://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/index.html) into Chinese. Has anyone did it before or done? If not, I want to have a try. Could Phalcon offer me the document. Even though I can get it online, but document file is better.

Regards, dogstar

Just cone this repo: https://github.com/phalcon/docs/ and contribute your translations :-)

Thanks kolesnikov so much!

Have you been working on the translation? If you have any translation questions I can help. English is my first language, and I also speak Chinese. My Chinese technical vocabulary is limited, but I can help clarify any semantic questions you may have.

thanks the-notable, if i have any questions i will contact with u, thanks again