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we need to make forum possible to have moderators

i need moderator rights :D

Fix some people code identation. Delete bot posts.

Maybe when 3.0 (forum ) is online we can make is possible ?

There is already Moderation: https://forum.phalcon.io/help/moderators But i guess moderators are too few and they dont have the time to check forum frequently.


a yeah. I checked git for 1 min and didnt saw it.

Well can we vote for adding new extra moderators :D

edited Aug '16

Guess you have to speak with Andy about it, I'm willing to help too. Also Wojciech Ślawski seems very active on the forum :)

In fact im going to write him a mail now!

Also willing to help but there should be an easy way around this...


Yea, i guess i can moderate something too :D

As David said, I think we need more moderators in Eastern Asia (UTC+8,UTC+11)


Hello dschissler

Now I adding implement captcha for it you can take took at https://github.com/phalcon/forum/pull/248 , Also I'm on timezone UTC+7 so maybe give permission moderators :)