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How To delete a relation in Model

I have a Relation in Models\User has one Models\UsersGroup everything goes ok except if i want to delete the relation; may be i want to unset the User from a group an if i simply set $user->fkUsersGroup to NULL it doesnot change (repeat evereything it's ok since i can edit the relation etc etc)


could you post some code? why do you need to do this?

ok, i will make it later let me finsh my bootstrap code and start that and i will maybe tuesday in Mexico the next monday is a no-job day =)


Hey, I'm in Mexico, do you know any chance to give a talk here? :)

mmm yeah, but i just seen your message :S you still here?


Yep, I'm still here!


Hi, in which City?

@Phalcon we are in Guadalajara


Great, any chance to give a talk there in the next weeks?


April 19th is fine?

i think it's ok, let me ask @hassal


Could anyone of you guys add me to [email protected] on Google Talk/Gmail Chat ?