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php5-phalcon for ubuntu/mint not available?

Hi there!

I'm almost finish with writing the program for my BA. I'm using PHP 5.6 and Phalcon 2.x. The server runs with CentOS and everything's fine. But for the final things (like finding last bugs and so on) I don't want to always go to university's department, these are things I can do at home. I installed Linux Mint 18 on my machine at home (Win10 only sucks ^^), installed apache, mariadb, php5.6. Now I need phalcon 2.x. So I followed the instructions on the download/installation-page.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:phalcon/stable

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install php5-phalcon


Package is not found.

Where can I get a deb-package for Linux Mint 18? Or do I have to compile it? Thanks a lot Aljoscha

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Since Mint 18 is a derivate of Ubuntu 16.04 Xerus, PPA should have that distro inline.

Anyway, you better compile it on your own, since that PPA is out of date (v2.0.10 last time I checked).


Yeah, and it would install 3.0.0. @AljoschaPeters needs 2.0.x release...


I compiled it now. but it is quite confusing, if the documentation describes ways that are not available. this should be fixed. (compiling is no problem as long as php 5.6 compatibility is included ;) )

Thanks a lot Aljoscha

Compiled version gives me only Phalcon v. 3 ... so that is not what I need. And on the Git-Rep I was not able to find any source code of Phalcon v. 2 which I could compile.

Is there a source to get it?

I mean, for Windows all DLL-files are downloadable, but for linux-systems not?! That's sad :(

Dammit, thanks a lot!

Izo is the hero of the week! (Y)