Phalcon project with modules via composer

Guys, I'm looking to put together a project structure that is similar to Symfony and a specific module developed in Symfony, example: Symfony Project using FOSUserBundle module.


I'll have my main application X (Phalcon), and then I'll build the Y module (structure Phalcon). In my main application X I'll put as required Y module via composer.

In the my module Y I'll have controllers, views, config and routes that can be used, extended or overwritten in the main application.

I'm new in the Phalcon and I've been studying the structures and how the Phalcon works, I found no example and I have no idea how to build this structure.

Is there any example that follows this structure (main application and modules in Phalcon structure that will be required via composer), or tips so I can try to create this kind of structure?

Thanks, Rafael.

Inspiration Drupal 8.

You can use: composer.

"extra": {
"installer-paths": {


Drupal 8 automaticaly install modules, themes, and libraries in their respective folders

- drush
- scripts
- vendor
- web
    - core
    - modules
    - libraries
    - themes
    - sites
    - profiles