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hasMany doesn't return other table

Hello, as stated in the title i have two tables :

group_question AND question

question has a foreign key : id_group_question which points to the group_question_id

I then generated my models with phalcon-devtools and i have these two lines.

In GroupQuestion.php

$this->hasMany('id', 'Question', 'id_group_question', ['alias' => 'Question']); 

In Question.php

$this->belongsTo('id_group_question', 'GroupQuestion', 'id', ['alias' => 'GroupQuestion']); 

And when i do :

$group_questions = GroupQuestion::find();

echo count($group_questions); // Works good, return 4
echo count($group_questions->question); // return 0
echo count($group_questions->question[0]) // Doing this since in another post it's said that it doesn't return an arrray, but this doesn't work either

Not sure whats wrong here...


Ok if i use findFirst it returns stuff properly... how to get the same result with find() ?

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Find returns resultset. It's something like an array of rows but as an object.

This $group_questions is array of objects. You have to iterate over them to get relation for each element.

Be it like that:

foreach ($group_questions as $item) {

or like that:



Even with that line i still cannot get anything out of the resultset, i tried :

echo count($group_questions->question[0]->question)

echo $group_questions->question[0]->question->text

Please carefuly read our answers and try again :)

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It worked with :

Two foreach like this

foreach($group_questions as $gq)
  foreach($gq->question as $question)
  echo $question->text

But im going to send this data to the view. I want it look like an array, so i tried :


But no question inside the array again

Edit :
I tried GroupQuestion::find()->toArray() but it doesn't return the related models data..only the group_questions..

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You need to use query builder. Find() doesn't know anything about your relations and is not joining anything until you access something with alias.


Ok thanks for help !