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Compile or encrypt Phalcon PHP code source files


It's possible to compile or encrypt my php source files ? Our customers want to use my code on their server that is why I need to hide my code.

Any idea ?

Thanks for your answer. On this website I see this https://www.phpprotect.info/webfuscator/webfuscator/

It is the same result as the software ?

That's just a web interface for "Php Protect". The results should be the same.

Check this out: https://www.ioncube.com/php_encoder.php

ionCube is commonly used to protect commercial PHP apps.


Why not write it in zephir and distribute the binary? (just rhetorical question, php cannot be converted to zephir that easily :)

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@TomasRimkus : Roger that.

@stamster : We prefert to use a free software.

@LajosBencz : I think this is a really good idea but I don't know this language :/

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My impression is that It's a mix of C and PHP... I literally learned it in a few days (I'm sure some nuisances escaped me though). What zephir is missing are variable references and anonymous functions, which makes porting PHP code to zephir hard, because you'll have to refactor it a bit

And it's possible to write REST API in Zephir ?


Yes, it is possible to write REST API. 99% of Phalcon is writen in Zephir, so REST API should not be the problem

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Thank you all. I think Zephir is the really good idea. So... I'll learn Zephir and recode my REST API. And thanks a lot to the Phalcon Team for having created this language !