Phalcon on Azure

I wrote a tutorial on getting Phalcon up and running on Windows Azure, if anyone's interested.


@duythien could you provide some instructions on how you did that?


Hi phalcon I use install nginx, php and download phalcon , edit file cphalcon/build/install and replace phpize into ${ROOT_DIR}/php5/bin/phpize. chmod +x install and ./install

@duythien would you be willing to write an in depth tutorial following a step by step procedure for SitePoint? If interested, contact me via +BrunoSkvorc

@duythien Excellent, I'll make it into something I can publish, thanks. I'll contact you with more information later if you leave me your email. Also, please remove the post from G+, you posted it public and we don't want the article becoming public before it's published with us :)


@Bruno Škvorc yah, I remove post G+, my email: [email protected]

Hi all, I tried to install phalcon into Micrsoft Azure hosting but only get a blank page. I did follow the tutorial checked that phalcon is enable Only blank page when access /public (nothing when view-source too). Other url won't come up

Do you guys have any idea?