We are moving our forum in GitHub Discussions. For questions about Phalcon v3/v4 you can visit here and for Phalcon v5 here.


It's live! www.phalconjobs.com - Please sign up for emails so we can drive up the # of developers. Need to create some demand for employers to post jobs!

If you find a bug or have a suggestion, please either post it here or use the contact form on the site.

This first iteration is just to get it out there. Next step will be to build a developer registry/community and that's where the tech tags really come into play.

edited Sep '16

when activating my email PhalconException: The method 'validEmail' doesn't exist on model 'Email'

when i enter my email from the landing page


Fixed, thanks.


Preview Posting isn't working either. I'll get on that too.


OK, the preview should be working now too.


It's live! www.phalconjobs.com

I'm getting Invalid username or password. with your example user & pass at https://dev.phalconjobs.com/login


@stamster - user and pass are for the .htpasswd file user and password. The login page requires you to create an account.

@zhegwood how do you sanitize your route input params?

This pattern causes 500 int. server error: https://phalconjobs.com/view-job/xxxxxxx27


@stamster - Thanks... This is fixed. I wasn't catching the state when the job id was invalid/not found.