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Maybe jump on board this somehow? Massive popularity boost if proven that Phalcon outdoes everything when run through HHVM. I'd be happy to do a writeup on SitePoint if anyone has any ideas for a concrete topic.


Hi Bruno. Nice writeup on SitePoint, as usually, refreshing HHVM topic. I've tested it the a few month ago trying to run a Joomla CMS site on it, which obviously failed due to lack of support for some PHP 5.3 features at the date of testing.

I think it might be very interesting to see how a simple Phalcon or Zephir project stands against a native HHVM project in therms of resource usage and general performance (requests/sec)

What do you think?

I agree. I think we should benchmark Phalcon vs. HHVM as much as possible, AS WELL as Phalcon IN HHVM, them both working together! I'm working on some HHVM content, but I've got my hands full right now so if you'd like to join up and write something for us, our doors are open!


Doctrine is hopping on board. Phalcon should too, asap. Being a frontrunner in something this big would be a massive PR boost.

Just tried building 1.3.0 on hhvm via Travis CI, this failed with:

rbenv: phpize: command not found

The `phpize' command exists in these Ruby versions:

More info at: https://travis-ci.org/WooDzu/cphalcon/jobs/15926439

This makes me think that you cannot have custom extensions in hhvm, or it's just Travis missing phpize it for some reason?

I have zero experience with Travis, unfortunately, so I cannot offer any valuable insight. Core team, any feedback about all this? @phalcon @niden?

try add this to travis.yml

Try to add this


  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install php5-dev

Also for my information, travis can test all branches and PR but always using .travis.yml from master branch

I see you also don't have pecl installed on your travis configurations


I don't think running Phalcon on HHVM would be possible now or easy to do. HHVM is completely different implementation of PHP. Phalcon highly depends on the Zend Engine and the current implementation is based on it. This is like trying to execute a Mac OS X application on Windows.

Curses. I guess it would be too good to be true.

Came across this looking for some documentation on running Phalcon or Laravel in HHVM.

If you are doing any testing you might save some time with this script I wrote: https://github.com/actuallymentor/setup-script-LEMH-stack

I have no Phalcon experience but guess that some of the veterans among you could test Phalcon on a LEMH stack in no time :)

There is no way to run Phalcon on HHVM, it's not about the setup, it's about the incompatibility of the extension with the engine. If it was just about the setup, I'd already have it running on Homestead Improved. Cool script though, can see it coming in handy in some circumstances.